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Mayor Tiffany Henyard's Office Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations All While Dual Roles Under Scrutiny - Get The FBI And HR On The Line

Tiffany Henyard, holding dual positions as Mayor of Dolton and Thornton Township Supervisor, office now faces accusations of sexual harassment and retaliation during a recent Thornton Township meeting. These allegations emerged following revelations of an ongoing investigation by the Department of Human Rights into complaints lodged against Henyard's office.

The complaints, obtained by NBC Chicago, detail instances of sexual harassment, retaliation, and discrimination allegedly perpetrated by Mayor Henyard and an unnamed Dolton trustee. These accusations stem from incidents during an economic development trip to Las Vegas in May of the previous year.

One former assistant, now terminated, claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the unidentified Dolton trustee. She reported feeling disoriented after dining with the trustee, subsequently blacking out and awakening in the trustee's hotel room with physical discomfort. Officer Byron Miles, part of Mayor Henyard's security detail at the time, also filed a complaint with the Human Rights Department, stating that the trustee admitted to having unprotected sex with the woman during a phone conversation, which Miles recorded.

According to the complaints, when the victim approached Mayor Henyard about the incident, Henyard allegedly expressed concerns that public disclosure would damage her reputation and efforts. Henyard purportedly assured the victim she would handle the matter and advised her to trust her. Shortly after, the victim was placed on unpaid medical leave without consent and subsequently terminated.

During the township meeting, Thornton Township trustee Christopher Gonzalez labeled the allegations as serious and condemned any attempted cover-up of assault. He asserted that if the allegations were substantiated, Henyard should resign from both her positions.

In response to the allegations, the village stated it had conducted a comprehensive investigation led by an independent third-party company. The statement noted that Officer Miles denied knowledge of the allegations during his interview and highlighted the alleged victim's refusal to cooperate with the investigation.

The village dismissed the accusations as the actions of "disgruntled employees" aiming to defraud taxpayers. It pledged to vigorously defend against the allegations and pursue all available legal recourse.


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