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As an entrepreneur, Tony combines his Human Resource professional experience with 15+ years of leadership experience both in business and military to elevate individuals and companies through performance management and tailored development plans.  As both an entrepreneur and leader for the largest Global Retail Pharmacy he has successfully:


  • Implemented many change management initiatives that have sustained and adopted

  • Implemented talent management and succession planning curriculums 

  • Launched organizational and Individual Image and branding

  • Progressed the Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda as well as Implementation and Sustainability Programs

  •  Named by Prince Charles in 2015 as The Global Ambassador for Business in The Community – Global Citizen

  • Provided ongoing mentorship in career building, mapping and structures to not only businesses but individuals as well through his personalized mentoring program

  • Supported and accelerated diversity and inclusion programs locally and globally


  • Created and maintained engagement and influence through social media presence and platforms with a cross-generational audience

There’s no surprise that Tony was named Black Enterprise Men of Distinction 40 under 40 in 2016.  Tony combines his passion for people and talent to deliver ultimate and long-term success.   He truly understands there is no way to add value to others without adding value to yourself. 


Previously he is charged with Field Operations and Communications with the largest organization in the world (Fortune 50) by ensuring they not only attract but maintain the best and top talent by bridging communications and execution with those closest to the work.


Tony holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management  from Bellevue University and a Master's double major in Human Resources and minor in employment law. 


Worthy to add Tony is a student of his profession as the protégé of Steve Pemberton; Toni Carter & H Walker all I & D advocates in Corporate America while maintaining his independent HR  Firm SGI Consulting 

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